Seminars and Events

Seminars and Events

Eagle Maritime Services wants to help our customers enjoy their days of boating. There are three ways we can accomplish this goal:

1) Keeping our service above the average “fix it shop”!

2) Providing instruction on:

  • Seamanship Seminar
    • Being safe aboard your vessel
    • Knowing how to read markers, buoys, range markers, and safety markers
    • The correct kind of PFD (personal flotation device) to have on board
    • How to tie your vessel up correctly
    • When and where to place fenders
  • Navigational Seminar
    • Learning how to use a chart, to plot, “TVMDC”
    • Explaining some Electronic
    • Introducing new ideas to make you aware of gathering information
  • Ladies of the Sea Seminar
    • This is just for ladies. Sometimes it is nice to get information about boating from a different perspective.
    • Basically the Seamanship seminar without the gentleman!    

3) Have our customers join us on day trips to local locations, while following our crews that will be keeping an eye on friends.