Piranha Boatworks

Piranha Flats Boats were designed with true fisherman in mind. In 1989, Craig Johnson set out to create a new kind of flats skiff. The shallow water anglers of Southwest Florida needed a different kind of boat to replace the heavy and unwieldy skiffs made with chopped glass, woven materials, and wood coring. So, Craig drew from his background in model design and manufacturing in the automotive industry, combined them with his love of boating, and the Piranha flats skiff was born. His goal was to create a strong, yet lightweight, skiff that could support a shallower draft and use a smaller, lighter motor.  The models have large decks and platforms,  ensuring no wasted space, and allow for you to move easier than on other boats. With these boats you will have all you need to make sure the next big one doesn’t get away.

We currently have a located at our facility:

Piranha Raso P140T

Piranha Flats 1400


Piranha Flats 1700

Piranha Flats 2000


Piranha Bay Boat B2200


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