Yearly Winterization Service


Performing winterization service on your boat will save you hundreds of dollars in future repair bills! Plus, you will prolong your boat’s life, maintain the boat’s value and be sure your boat will be ready to go next season.

Winterization Service Includes:

  • Stabilizing the fuel that remains in the tank
  • Circulating the stabilizer throughout the fuel system
  • Fogging the cylinder (coats cylinder walls to prevent rust)
  • Draining all water from the engine to prevent any possibility of freezing
  • Disconnecting the Batteries (We do recommend that boat owners invest in a battery tender or minder, to prolong battery life)
  • One more tip: Make sure the fuel tank is all the way full before storing to prevent condensation from forming in the tank. This can cause major fuel system problems in the future.

Call today to have your boat winterized!