3 Smart – Yet Simple – Boat Maintenance Tips

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3 Smart – Yet Simple – Boat Maintenance Tips

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According to discoverboating.com, these 3 simple boat maintenance tips will help keep your boat in top, peak condition and could save you a lot of money in the long term:

  1. Wash Your Boat – This is by far the first and simple task that should be completed. Salt water will corrode metal, fasteners and other hardware. Plus, left on too long and it can mar your gelcoat. Simply use a long handled brush with soft bristles and car soap and water. By the way, how often should you wash your boat if it is in salt water? After every use.
  2. Change Your Oil – This goes without saying. Want a good engine? Then change the oil. Just like you change the oil in your car, your boat’s engine needs the oil changed on a regular basis as well. A good rule of thumb is for every 100 hours of use, have your oil changed. Don’t forget to use marine grade oil for your boat’s engine. Boat engines work a lot harder than car engines. Automotive oil simply will not protect your boat’s engine. Here at The Boat Yard, we can help with that!
  3. Check the Propeller – While missing paint is not an issue, even the smallest dent could cause your boat to lose performance and burn excessive fuel.  A damaged prop can cause vibration and damage to bearings and seals.

Our staff at The Boat Yard (Eagle Maritime Services, Inc.) has over 20 years of boat repair experience. At The Boat Yard, no job is too small or too big. We are here to not only meet, but to exceed, your boating needs. At The Boat Yard, we are committed to helping you keep your boat in top condition so that you can enjoy hours and hours of boating fun!

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Jenna Hunter

January 9, 2017at 7:20 pm

I liked how the article stated that a good rule of thumb is for every 100 hours of use, have your oil changed. Last summer we were at Bear Lake for 2 weeks and our boat made it! With the new season coming up I will be sure to get it serviced for an oil change so we don’t break down on the water!


    January 10, 2017at 9:41 am

    So glad to hear that Jenna!

Boat Fix NZ Limited

February 14, 2017at 3:42 am

Jet ski repair Auckland suggests to open and close seacocks frequently. Other than a yearly dismantling and oil, steady utilize will keep them fit as a fiddle and will alarm you to issues before they get to be distinctly calamitous.

Tyler Meredith

April 7, 2017at 7:02 pm

I like what this article recommend about washing your boat. It makes sense that keeping the boat clean would be a good way of making sure nothing is broken because you’d be able to inspect everything easily. I’ll have to remember this to make sure I don’t have any issues when trying to take better care of it or have it repaired.

Yilliang Peng

April 19, 2017at 8:24 pm

Thanks for the simple yet important advice on how to take care of your boat. This summer, My wife and I would love to invest in a boat to take the kids out with, but we have no idea how to take care of one. It is interesting to read that you should change your oil just like a car! Thanks for the help!

Bernard Clyde

April 24, 2017at 3:14 pm

I didn’t realize that a dented propeller could mess with performance so much. I do think it’s important that boat owners know of a reliable boat repair shop they can take their boat to when needed. I would imagine neglecting needed repairs, like with a propeller blade, could end up causing more damage to the boat over time.

Danni Black

June 5, 2017at 10:08 am

I really like your tip about making sure that you change your oil for every 100 hours of use. That seems like a smart idea since it’s hard to keep track of the miles you go on your boat. We purchased a pontoon a few months ago and have been wondering when the best time is to change the engine oil. I’d say we still have a few trips before we will need to based on your information. Thanks for sharing!

Kylie Dotts

June 7, 2017at 3:47 pm

I really like your advice to change the oil out for every 100 hours of use. It makes a lot of sense that your boat won’t be using the same kind of materials as your car would. It would probably be a good idea to have a professional do the maintenance for you if you don’t have much experience changing the oil in your boat. My brother just bought a boat not too long ago and I’m going to share these tips with him so he can keep it running well for a long time.

Ernest London

June 29, 2017at 1:14 pm

My wife and I are planning to buy a boat this year, and I want to make sure we know how to care for it properly. I appreciate your tip about washing your boat after every time it is in salt water. I didn’t think about how corrosive the salt water could be, but I will be sure to keep this in mind every time I take the boat out.

Taylor Bishop

August 1, 2017at 10:37 am

Good tips for keeping a boat maintained. I’m glad that it was mentioned to check the propeller, especially since a small dent can make a boat lose performance. To be honest, it sounds like it could be worthwhile to take pictures of the propeller when it’s in good condition, so that you have a reference to compare it to later on.

Marine electrician Auckland

August 2, 2017at 8:20 am

This article is really helpful. Your article gives us the basic but important maintenance tips which should be keep in mind for the safety of our boat as well as for the safety of us. Oil should be checked regularly and should be changed time to time for keeping the engine in perfect and working condition.

Yacon Root Extract

September 5, 2017at 2:39 pm

Awesome Blog. Really enjoyed reading.

Ellie Davis

September 21, 2017at 12:15 pm

I never knew that the boat’s propeller was so important. It’s crazy to think that one small dent could o any damage, let alone significant damage. I don’t personally own a boat, but I would absolutely love to own one. If I ever get a chance to buy one, I’ll definitely have to make sure that I’m taking good care of the propeller.

Yacon Root

October 21, 2017at 7:18 am

I love this site. It’s an great article.

Taylor Bishop

November 3, 2017at 9:00 am

Thanks for going over some maintenance tips for boats. I’m glad that you mentioned that the oil should be changed about every 100 hours you use it. My sister has been thinking of getting a boat, so it sounds like it could be good for her to learn more about how to keep track of this and know when a change is necessary. http://www.donmorton.com.au/marine-engines/outboard-motors/

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